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This is the Editors Choice for a compact, tidy, small hedge.

Buxus & Alternatives For Small Hedges

Buxus & Alternatives For Small Hedges

Buxus, better know as English Box or Japanese Box, are commonly used as small hedges, here we have detailed information on these plants.

Nandina Plants

Nandina Plants For Small Hedges

Nandinas make great small hedges, with many varieties available, you will be sure to find the perfect Nandina for your hedge right here.

Small Callistemon For Hedging

Small Callistemon For Hedging

These Callistemon are excellent native hedges, producing either stunning bright red flowers or amazing reddish new growth…

Small Westringia

Small Westringia For Hedging

These Westringia make great formal and informal small hedges, and can also be used as a native alternative for box hedges.

Colourful Foliage Plants

Colourful Foliage Plants For Hedging

With these varieties, including Alternanthas and Iresine, you will be able to create small colourful hedges that will add a burst or colour to your garden.

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Other Varieties Suitable For Small Hedges

There are many other varieties of plants that you can create low growing hedges with, including Rhaphiolepis, Syzygium and more