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Caring For Hedges

Caring For Hedges

Informal yet dense hedges have been used for centuries as wind breaks, privacy screening and fences. They worked well were space was plentiful. Tightly clipped…
Choosing A Hedge Trimmer

Choosing a Hedge Trimmer

There are plenty of different hedge trimmers available these days but how do you know which is best for you? If you have a lot…
Flowering Hedges

Flowering Hedges

Hedges are usually loved for their lush dense green nature. New foliage may be coloured as with many lily pillies or photinia, or variegated or…
Formal vs Informal Hedges

Formal vs Informal Hedges

The key difference between a formal and an informal hedge is how tightly it is clipped. A formal hedge is usually very tightly clipped and…
Hedge Pests & Diseases

Hedge Pests & Diseases

Hedge plants are usually selected for their ability to withstand constant pruning and form dense compact plants. Many hedge plants are also very hardy which…

Featured Plants

Autumn Royalty plant

Autumn Royalty™

Heat & cold tolerant Azalea with masses of fuchsia flowers that repeat bloom
Slim plant


A unique narrow growth habit makes it great for tight planting areas
Pinnacle tree


Provides sculptured design for tight planting areas
Blush plant


Produces red new growth when other Nandinas are green in spring and autumn
Grey Box plant

Grey Box™

An extremely compact form of Westringia that was NGIA Plant of the Year 2015
Little Ruby

Little Ruby™

Compact Alternanthera with stunning deep burgundy foliage
Dense Fence

Dense Fence™

Requires less pruning than the common form, and has finer leaves, higher density and shorter inter-nodes
cosmic white

Cosmic White™

Exempt from the NSW Rhaphiolepis ban as it rarely if ever produces seed