tall hedging plants

Editors Choice

This is the editors choice for the ideal tall screen

Acmena For Hedging

Tall Acmena For Hedging And Screening

There are a variety of Acmena available that offer a beautiful hedge or screen, some even with the added bonus of coloured new growth

Tall Callistemon

Tall Callistemon For Hedging And Screening

With these Callistemon you will be able to have a hedge or screen that grows over 2 metres tall, and produces colourful flowers and/or foliage

Tall Syzygium

Tall Syzygium For Hedging And Screening

Syzygium are an ideal choice for screening with their dense growth habit, but can even be pruned into a neat hedge

Tall Waterhousea For Screening

Tall Waterhousea For Screening

Waterhousea are ideal for making a large dense screen

Tall Viburnum For Hedging And Screening

Tall Viburnum For Hedging And Screening

Commonly known as Sweet Viburnum, these plants make excellent hedges and screens

Tall Rhaphiolepis For Hedging And Screening

Tall Rhaphiolepis For Hedging And Screening

Rhaphiolepis can make a beautiful flowering hedge and new breeding has now developed varieties that are safer near bushland

Tall Hedge Or Screen

Other Varieties Suitable For A Tall Hedge Or Screen

There are many other varieties available that can be used to create a tall sized hedge or screen.